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    Replacement holding mechanism for both the Youngman Easiway & Spacemaker loft ladders. (4 x 5mm rivets required but not included) Catches for this very popular loft ladder are no longer manufactured ...... but here at Loft Ladders Direct we are now making these to order and are breathing life back into this iconic loft ladder! N.B Colours in white only.
  • Abru Feet (pair)


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    Anti-slip feet for Abru 2, 3 section & Easystow loft ladders Available in two sizes 68mm & 60mm
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    Telescopic Handrail for Dolle thermo steel folding loft ladder.
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    Dolle ClickFix Thermo Comfort loft ladder provides a sturdy, well-designed steel folding loft ladder with comfortable deep treads in an anthracite colour. A white finished wooden casing frame and trapdoor complement the ladder and provide a high-grade insulated product.
    • Supplied as a complete unit with a white faced trapdoor, primed timber casing and steel folding loft ladder.
    • Suitable for a structural opening size: 1200 x 700mm.
    • Top quality steel ladder folding into 3 sections.
    • Extra deep treads measuring 130mm.
    • Steel ladder comes powder coated in a anthracite colour.
    • Standard 11 tread ladder suits a floor to ceiling height up to 2.64m.
    • Telescopic ladder feet allowing slight height adjustments to be made.
    • 70mm insulated trapdoor and double draught excluder to offer one of the best insulation values on the market (U-value: 0.38 W/m²K).
    • No storage space needed in the loft as ladder stores completely on hatch.
    • Effortless counterbalance operation.
    • Unit comes with a single Telescopic Handrail fitted on the right-hand side.
    • Hidden trapdoor hinges are an added feature and make it easier to paint or stain the trapdoor.
    • Comes with plastic architraves to enhance the finish.
    • Provided with an Operating Pole to lower the trapdoor.
    • Much quicker and simplier assembly due to the use of the ClickFix technology.
    • Optional 2nd side Telescopic Handrail available.
    • Optional Metal Loft Exit Grab Rails measure 900mm high & 600mm wide (available in black or white).
    • Tested according to EN 14975 (European Ladder Standard).
    • Max working load: 150 kg.
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    Operating pole compatible to operate any budget key lock trap doors (ie fire rated hatches) also hook for all Youngman aluminium loft ladders.
    • Pole length 1300mm
    • Metal budget key (Colour may vary)
    N.B Product does not include a budget lock.
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    Handrail spacer for Abru loft ladders.
  • Price includes VAT & Delivery Operating pole compatible to operate any budget key lock trap doors (ie fire rated hatches)
    • Pole
    • Metal budget key (Colour may vary)
    N.B Product does not include a budget lock.
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    50mm trap door hinges including 8no. 18mm pozidrive screws.
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    The "SD" hinge down steel 60-minute fire rated loft access hatch has a simplistic design for the contemporary modern house. With its powder coated zintec steel smooth white maintenance free finish. The loft hatch requires no painting and projects into the ceiling space a mere 8mm. Once the drop down loft door is opened, all size options have a minimum clear opening to satisfy building regulations, therefore compliant to NHBC regulations as Chapter 7.2 Section D14 "to a minimum clear opening of 520mm in any direction". This will assist if you have catered for storing sizeable items in the loft. The loft access hatch is insulated with an exposed fire resistant mineral slab insulation to comply with the building regulations 0.35 "U" value. The SD loft hatch is compatible with our entire range of loft ladders. The loft door has a 25mm flange that projects beyond the fitting size, The SD loft hatch has concealed hinges and fixings contributing towards its unobtrusive look. The loft access door has a neat tri-drive budget lock with an integral chamfer for a smooth closing action. A secure radial pin tumbler lockable version is available (SDL). The loft panel is fully draught sealed between the door and frame, virtually eliminating warm air leakage and vapour ingress, it also assists with ease of decoration of the ceiling up to the edge of the loft access trap frame. The SD loft access hatch box packaging is 100% recycled & recyclable.
    • 1 Hour Fire Rated - Tested to "Part B" BS EN 1634-1:2008 and BS EN 1634-2:1999, including 1Hr Fire Rating on the insulation by virtue of integrity
    • Complies with Part L & NHBC Building Regulations
    • 5 Sizes to fit ceiling cut outs of: 550 x 550mm, 555 x 800mm 600 x 600mm, *555 x 755mm & 900 x 600mm all hinged on short side (where applicable)
    • Key lockable option available
    • 600 x 600 & *555 x 755 Air tested in a UKAS accredited test house with superb result of 0.76m3/hr @ 50Pa
    • Airtight tri-drive lock (and key)
    • Unrivalled insulation properties @ 0.32 "U" value (Exceeds Part L Building Regs)
    • Optional pole to operate budget lock only
    *Note actual hatch size is 536 x 736mm to fit a ceiling cut out of 555 x 755mm when lined with 9.5mm fireboard. Other sizes do not need lining with fireboard.
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    Adding additional safety to the Piccolo & Junior loft ladders. The optional telescopic handrail offers an additional safety feature to the Columbus concertina range of loft ladders
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    Anti-slip foot for Easiway & Spacemaker loft ladders. Inside size - 51mm x 21mm
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    Why an airtight loft hatch? The AT35 loft hatch is the first air tight loft hatch of its kind. Insulated to meet Part L of the building regulations the AT35 is airtight in both positive and negative air pressures at 50Pa. This hatch is designed specifically to meet the stringent demands new properties are subjected to ensure they are as airtight and well insulated as possible. The air permeability test is based on BS EN 1026:2000 and BS EN 12207:2000 for a ceiling use only. Easy to fit Fitting is a doddle, just screw fix through the pre-drilled holes in the frame into the surrounding joists. The spring loaded twist catch lock ensures a high compression seal between the door and the frame. The outer frame is also fitted with a seal to ensure air cannot easily escape from around the outer edge of the hatch. Appearance This steel loft trap protrudes just 2mm from the ceiling when fitted. You'll also notice its lovely clean lines and smooth finish (Powder-coated in white) it's the neatest loft hatch on the market. Let's face it does anybody really want a great unsightly lump of plastic protruding from their ceiling? Insulation - 65mm of foam insulation bonded to the inside of the lid.
    • Airtight at 600Pa air pressure (Positive and negative)
    • Easy to fit and easy to open with hinge down movement
    • Patent application no. 1407745.7
    • Neatest loft hatch on the market, protrudes just 2mm from ceiling when fitted
    • Fits a structural opening of 645 x 560mm
    • Clear opening when fitted 530 x 520mm (Meets NHBC guidelines)
    • Fabricated from steel, finished in white Powder coat (RAL 9010)
    • Made from 80% recycled steel. GWP and ODP ratings of zero
    • 2 XPS insulation options giving U values of 0.35 (60mm - Blue) and 0.25 (100mm - Blue)
    • Optional pole to operate budget lock only
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